Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A stroll in Palm Beach...

Last night Hubby and I decided to go for a nice exercise walk over in "Palm Beach", we live about 10 minutes West of the Island, and as much as I would like to say that the neighborhoods remind me of my own...it doesn't! Palm Beach is a small town filled with beautiful greeny, historical buildings, mansion after mansion and "very important people". My husband being born and raised here, is always willing to tell me stories about people who live on the Island and how things became the way they are ( he feels for Palm Beach as I do Mississippi, anytime I hear a southern accent, I have to ask "where you are from?" Often meeting someone from Mississippi, is enough to make my day). There is a lot of history on the Island starting with the Kennedy's, Donald Trump and we all know Ms. Lilly herself is a resident, actually this is where it all started.
As we started our journey, it went a little like this:
Hubby pulled into a parking space and this was my first view.

Yes ladies, the ultimate Lilly shop.
Now remember this is an "exercise walk" not window shopping but I asked if I could take a peep and this is what I saw...

Those would be the sale racks, six long, very long racks.
But we continued our journey, as I walked away, I was thinking to myself, as I'm watching the famous people (which is why I have my camera) come out with there pink and green bags, I had Lilly envy!
And then I hear my hubby say there's a purse over there in the park. So we walked over, sure enough it was a bag filled with a Louis Vuitton wallet with a VERY large amount of cash, two VERY nice cameras and a man named Antonio from Italy's passport.
At first, I'm thinking "no one would ever know", that dress was calling my name. But we did the right thing and walked it over to the Police Station and turned it in. I was really hoping that someone was doing a reality show and we were the stars, we passed, so now we get to keep it right...Wrong.
So Mr. Antonio with ALOT of cash, I really liked the dress in the window, if you want to say thank you for our honesty.
So back to our exercise walk we headed down Worth Ave., which is Palm Beach's version of Rodeo Dr., in Beverly Hills. It is so beautiful! They have every high end store you can think of. Here are a few pictures, maybe you can appreciate it has much as I do, but trust me pictures don't do it justice.


Then we headed down but the intercoastal

What nice view on a perfect January afternoon.

The beach in "Palm Beach"

I was going to tell you that this is Ms. Lilly's house but the truth is, I have no idea which house is hers.

As much as I love Mississippi, living in South Florida isn't too shabby either.

"If you live near the beach, they will come"


  1. I love shopping in Palm Beach! The Gardens Mall in Palm Beach Gardens is fabulous also:-)

  2. um wow. ...to the Palm Beach photos. amazing!