Sunday, January 11, 2009

Shopping is my cardio...

I've been looking forward to Saturday all week, my BFF came into town with her mom for a "little getaway", they live on the West Coast of Florida. We started our day in Downtown Delray Beach, it's older area starting at A1A extending west a couple of miles with lots of cute shops and great restaurants. There is always something going on down there, they have lots of great art shows, parades and is just a great place to spend the day. One of my favorite stores is The Snappy Turtle, I found this great pink and green decor.

Wouldn't this be a great set up for a "tea party"!

And then I went upstairs and I was in ribbon heaven, I love ribbon, it completely changes the look of everything. They were selling it by the yard at a price that wasn't in my budget, so I wrote down the name So good inc., and going to do some research.

Then we headed next door to C. Orrico, Lilly heaven. I got a pair of cute white shorts at 50% off, I love them, going to wear them today on my day trip with hubby. I went to the website and they had a lot of great sale items, check it out!
Then we headed over to the Boca Town Center, the mall of all the mall's.
My BFF and I got a pair of Tory Burch sandels, actually she got two.

Then as we are leaving the store she informs me that they are the shoes of the season, so in case you didn't know either. Aren't they cute.
I picked up this great cover up at Gap, it was 25% off and I had a coupon for an extra 35% off full price items and 15% off sale items, and it only cost me 19 dollars!

I had a great shopping day and the company was even better. My BFF's mom and my mom joined in on the fun. It was such a beautiful South Florida day and we soaked it up! Hubby and I are heading up to Stuart today after church for some quality time, its another downtown area like Delray but not as large...Hope your having a great weekend too!

"The quickest way to know a women is to go shopping with her" Marcelen Cox


  1. I had a great weekend! I wish we could do it more often. It was great that both our mom were able to join in on the fun. I always love a beautiful South Florida day and visiting the other coast definetly makes me miss the days of ole' . Thank you for spending your weekend with us and thank B for sharing you all weekend. Can't wait to wear my TB sandals! Until my next pineapple milk shake!!



  2. Hey just did a little follow up and boy are you going to love this! Check out this new blog I am following
    this is the blog for the great store where you got those cute white shorts! Also they have a website that is all sale stuff!!
    You are going to love this!! I swear I am DONE shopping for a while!

  3. You have ADORABLE taste!! I'm crazy for pink and green :) LOVE YOUR BLOG NAME!!

  4. So I wasn't sure if I should put this in a email or just send it as an amendment to my previous post since we shopped for something like this on Saturday however, little did we know it was for a beer bottle!



  5. Wow! When I saw the name of the your site on someone else's blog, I just had to come over and take a look. Even though there's a big difference in our ages, it seems that you and I have a lot in common. I just moved to Port St. Lucie from DeSoto County, Mississippi. Also, I was just shopping last week in Delray Beach at the Snappy Turtle to get some loot for the KappaPrep blog swap. Then, of course, I head up to C. Orrico in Palm Beach for some Lilly shopping. Don't you just love Snappy Turtle in Delray? I am so looking forward to following your blog!