Saturday, January 17, 2009

One of those days..

Boy, am I glad today is over...I have just had one of those days. There is only one thing that I dislike more about my job other than working on Sundays and that's working on Saturdays, so at 5:30am when my alarm went off, I hit "snooze" like three times just to wake up 15 minutes before I need to be walking out the door. I made it there in one piece with a walking out the door make -up (or therefore lack of) job and the heat in my car as a blow dryer. The day didn't get any better but instead of focusing on the bad stuff, I'll tell you about the good things that have happened in the last few days, minus today.
I got my new earrings that I ordered from A southern girl in the city
I love them! Got lots of great compliments yesterday when I wore them to work, of course, today I forgot to put any earrings in.

She called them the "love knot"

I have been looking for some cute Spring/Summer dresses for the upcoming season, actually in Florida it's probably something I can wear next week, I found this one at Boden, I love it. Should get it within the next two weeks.

To keep things positive here are a few more things that I'm thankful for:
My family
My friends (from Mississippi to Florida)
A great J-O-B
I roof over my head and a home filled with my favorite things
And a God that loves me despite all my flaws.

On a bad day, I have mood swings - but on a good day, I have the whole mood playground Charles Rosenblum


  1. Hey there - I wanted to let you know that the bedding you inquired about belongs to someone else. I normally have no clue as to where they get it from {I just paint the art to coordinate} but on that particular story, there is a link in my blog that tells the story of that bedding and where she got it.

    thanks for visiting - kim

  2. Hee. Like that last quote...and we havea keep calm poster hanging in the kids bathroom!

    How great that you go to the Sundy is quite a drive for us, but a treat all the same!!

  3. I am so glad you liked the earrings! That Boden dress is adorable!