Thursday, January 8, 2009

Snow Bunny?!

I'm very excited, I just got my new ski threads and low and behold they fit! I was a little worried about sizing because ski clothes are so bulky. I'm so ready for our va-ca to Tahoe Feb. 4., it has become an annual thing, last year we had so much fun with my bro and his girlfriend and this year there are even more friends joining us. It should be a blast! I'm not a very good skier, who am I kidding, I'm not good at all. If I'm heading to a lift and the ratio of kids to adults aren't higher, I'm on the wrong slope. I stick to the "bunny slopes", in hopes of not spending my day(s) on the ground in the snow. It just hit me, do you think that's where the term "Snow Bunny" came from? Because I always thought of it, as a girl dressed to the nines, just hanging out. But maybe, its a girl dressed from head to toe in Northface (looking hot) who resides on the "bunny slopes" so she looks good at her skills. Listen, if I took on anything bigger, I'd be a "wet rat". So I'm not offended to be a "snow bunny", I'll take that. An when your sore the next day, I'm still hittin the "bunny slopes", without a sore muscle!

"Stretch pants- the garment that made skiing a spectator sport" author unkown

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