Thursday, May 28, 2009

I have a good feeling about this...

I feel like it's been forever since I posted...
I guess I have been MIA.
But I have been a very busy girl.
I've been spending a lot of time with my head over a toilet and sleeping when given the opportunity ( which I have been making a lot of time for) and trying to function when the previous two obligations have been met.
But I think I'm getting things under control, I traded my diet coke in for Segrams caffeine free ginger ale and trying to keep my tummy full and it seems to be helping because yesterday I felt better and I can tell today is going to be better too.

Any idea what's going on my my world????

"In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps" Proverbs 16:9

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Oh's ladies night.

For the last couple of months we have been planning a "girl's night" complete with a room with a view. One of my favorite things to do here in South Florida is to lay by the pool at the Delray Marriott, I love their pool. They have a live band playing tropical music and "cabana boys" taking drink orders and it's just so relaxing. So we soaked it all in for 24 hours! We got there at 11am on Friday and walked up to the desk and said we needed to know two things, can we get upgraded and can we check in now, there is nothing like the power of 5 girls "batting" their eyes. And we got both...
"Our room with a view"

We enjoyed a nice dinner out and dancing for some, I wasn't feeling well (maybe too much sun) and headed back early.
And prepared for another day in the sun!

Hope you had a nice weekend!

"A good friend is a connection to life - a tie to the past, a road to the future, the key to sanity in a totally insane world." ~Lois Wyse

Monday, May 11, 2009

It's 4 am, Mr.T had to get up early and go into work and I can't go back to sleep...
This is not usually a problem for me but I tossed and turned for about an hour and gave up. This is going to make for a long 12 hour shift today!!!
I'm in search for this dress, have any of you seen it in your Gap? It's so cute and looks so comfortable.

I want it in Green of course, I going to seriously do a post on all the dresses in my closet, it looks a little like this black, orange/apricot and green. Black is a must, orange is my new obsession and green has always been "my color". I'm a creature of habit.
I can order the dress online but I'm that girl that always does the surveys that come with the receipt and I can save 20%, but you can't use them online. So I'm waiting.

Hope everyone had a great Mother's day! We went to Church and then to Lunch at Prime Catch, a nice little place on the intercoastal in Boynton Beach, which is one of my mom's favorites. I had has been so hot here!!!
I usually don't go in to NY and company but last week I was walking by and saw that they had lots of dresses and I stopped in and found some cute stuff. I picked up these 2 dresses, it was buy one, get the second half off. They are so soft and cute, so for 45 dollars I could not pass them up.

I can dress them up or dress them down...

"Dresses for breakfasts, and dinners, and balls;
Dresses to sit in, and stand in, and walk in;
Dresses to dance in, and flirt in, and talk in;
Dresses in which to do nothing at all;
Dresses for Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall."
~William Allen Butler, "Nothing to Wear"

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Happy Nurses Day

Happy Nurses Day
to all my fellow nurses.
This isn't really helping my diet, I counted six cakes yesterday but I didn't have a bite of any!

"Nurses are the heartbeat of health care." ~Author Unknown

Friday, May 1, 2009

Yo VIP let's kick it.

I have hit by all time weight high, truth be known I've been here for more than a few months. And I'm finally taking the plunge and joining weight watches, I have my first meeting at 9 am. I've very excited and very ready! So now I'm joining the ranks, I just need to figure out how to put one of those trackers on my side bar, like GRITS. I went to the library and got a few healthy cookbooks to get some ideas from and my fridge is full of water and fresh fruit/vegs.
So in celebration I went to dinner with my mom to Bonefish, my favorite place to eat. We were sitting in the bar area, at a large table in which multiple parties can sit at, well getting to the point. I realized it was Vanilla Ice sitting at the end. I'm trying to tell my mom and I swear she was so loud saying you mean Ice..Ice...Baby? Oh lord. He just looked down the table and smiled. As a kid, I can remember my brother and I having dance offs outside on the trampoline to Ice Ice Baby, he always won, he's always been a better dancer. Good times!
Then I went on a mission for a bathing suit, I guess Spanx isn't making bathing suits anymore so that was out. I opted for this super cute green one at Old Navy that I couldn't find online to share with you...sorry!

I did get the light fixture up and it's growing on me, tonight Mr. Tea comes home from a work trip in Key West (Yeah, I was thinking the same thing) and I'm scared to see what he thinks. I did put it on a timmer that has a remote, so I'm hoping that he is captivated by the gadget. My camera's battery is dead but I promise pictures tomorrow. Hope everyone has a great weekend it's Sunfest here in South Florida and the weather is suppose to be great. This is always such a toss up of what to do, you have Sun Fest here, Jazz fest going on in New Orleans, Memphis in May and the derby. Next year hubby says that we are going to Jazz Fest...I say the derby.

"All right stop collaborate and listen
Ice is back with my brand new invention
Something grabs a hold of me tightly
Flow like a harpoon daily and nightly
Will it ever stop yo I don't know
Turn off the lights and I'll glow
To the extreme I rock a mic like a vandal
Light up a stage and wax a chump like a candle
Dance go rush to the speaker that booms
I'm killing your brain like a poisonous mushroom
Deadly when I play a dope melody
Anything less than the best is a felony
Love it or leave it you better gain weight
You better hit bull's eye the kid don't play
If there was a problem yo I'll solve it
Check out the hook while my DJ revolves it"
~Vanilla Ice