Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Mercy me

I was so bummed! When we got to the fair this afternoon, I heard hubby say "oh no" and then I saw the sign. I was really looking forward to seeing Mercy Me tonight, hubby had taken the day off and everything. The lady at the booth said that something had happened to a family member, so when I got home I went to the website and it looks as though Bart's daughter is in ICU with RSV, so please pray for Sophie and her family.
But we made the best of it and ate everything in site.

These are the fried oreos, they were great!

Of course, it is only custom that a man wins his lucky lady a prize

Yes ladies, that thing is living in my car right now, hubby doesn't understand why I won't let it in the house. So as for now, I'm the new owner of a 4 foot pink monkey.
I hadn't been to a fair in years, It was fun! We sat and watched a demonstration on Americarft cookware, it was awesome, it's waterless, butterless cooking, I really liked it but after 30 minutes of sitting there we found out it's like 3000.00 dollars, no thanks!
But we had fun!

"I can only imagine, what it will be like
When I walk, by your side
I can only imagine
What will my eyes see, when your face is before me,
I can only imagine"
Mercy Me


  1. I love Mercy Me too! I do love living here in Celebration, but Grand Hamptons in Tampa are beautiful too. I will love being closer to the beach! Love the Monkey :)

  2. I love the fair! I always eat my way through it...funnel cakes, cotton candy, candy apples...I'm getting hungry just thinking about it. I can't believe you don't have giant pink monkey on display in your living room ;)

  3. Great day those fried oreos look good!

  4. Fried oreos...I have never! I guess I need to get out more.