Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Say it ain't so...

Dear Gretchen,
I'm really hoping that next week, you prove what I think to be true, wrong! Last week my husband and I had a heated debate about you and your actions, and last night you helped him built his case. From the beginning you have been my favorite, your always smiling, sport the best outfits (loved the dress and hat at the derby, great choice) and the hair is perfection. You are making all the other girls look boring but I think you may have over stepped the boundaries last night. And Ryan? You must have had your beer goggles on, for sure. I understand you are going though a lot right now, but maybe you should put the bottle of te-kil-ya down and go home. And when you finally sober up (this could take awhile, by the looks of you, you don't eat much) you really need to re-evaluate your relationship with Tamara. As she was, the "wing man" for Ryan last night. Please know that all this comes from concern for you and your bank account!
Love, E

P.S.~ In the midst of your disaster you still looked HOT!

I'm glad to see someone finally gave her a water!!!


  1. wait...i'm confused. is jeff dead? who is ryan?

  2. Not one hair out of place. How does she do it?!

    ps my parents have a place in Boca so they were also telling me that Mr Elvis is a cop. He was great and everybody was eating it up. Good time!