Thursday, April 2, 2009

Burp clothes, veils and pure happiness

Tonight I just had to stop and buy a camera after work to show you all my goodies that I've been working on, I just felt like a piece of me was missing without a camera, so I got the new version of my old camera a Cannon powershot.
So on with my trip...

Friday was Granny and I day, we sewed our little hearts out, well at least I did. It's really hard to look at the work of someone who has been sewing their whole life, I wanted to be just like her (more ways than one). She is so talented. I watched her every move. I think she was very proud to know that I wanted to learn from her, it was such a wonderful time we had. She gave me all kinds of scraps to start with, I made more dish towels than anyone would ever need. I practiced...practiced and she made me practice more.

Until I made these...

My first burp clothes. I know the pictures are large but I'm very proud.

This is my next set...

I also worked on a project that has been running though my mind awhile. I have tried many different ways to make veils and I think that I finally got it right.
I wanted to start making veils for Bachelorette parties that didn't consist of plastic penis's and condoms. Being the classy girls we are, we need something that displays just that but fun at the same time. These aren't actually the best ones that I've made but maybe you can invision where I'm going with this.
And tell me what you think...

Saturday I was able to met up with a few old friends for lunch in Corinth at the Pizza Grocery, I really had a great time. It's always so nice to spend time with old friends, They both are mommies now and it's hard for all of us to get together, so it really meant alot to me.

Sunday was the big housewarming party for my Miss BFF. I really wish I had pictures but it was a great time and she got so many really nice things but I have to say that I think Alanna Grace got the best gift.

Didn't it turn out so great! Kim did such a great job.
Check her website out at smallwords.

And there is still more to come.

"Love the moment,
and the energy
of the moment
will spread beyond
all boundaries."
~Corita Kent


  1. E! Your sewing looks great. The veils look good. I like the pink and green:) Its ahard to tell from the picture they look long? You need to model it so we can see how it really is:)Looking forward to seeing you guys this weekend:)XOXO safe travels

  2. I love the veils! So much better than the tacky penis ones. I had never even thought of this. And great job with the burp cloths - they look great. PS -- I totally understand about the dish towels. My mom has an embroidery machine and we go a little crazy with dish towels. Have a great weekend darlin.

  3. .. the veils are cute!! Def. more classier than the ones you mentioned!