Monday, February 2, 2009

Weekend Recap...

Hope you ladies had a great weekend! My weekend was short seeing how I had to work on Saturday but there after, was great! Hubby called me at work on Saturday afternoon and asked if there was any way that I could get off work early to go to dinner. I could hear the excitement in his voice and knew I was going out to dinner regardless of this seconddayinarowwithoutdietcoke headache (actual medical diagnosis), as it turns out I was able to get off early. When I arrived home, hubby was dressed to impress, I was a little taken back. He says "put something nice on I want to take you out tonight"...and away we went. A true addict can rationalize her addiction, as soon as we sat down I asked for a Diet Coke (and then 4 more, yes I said 4) and the headache went away and we had a great night. These are things that hubby would do when we started dating that seem to fade but I made sure to tell him how nice it was and how special it made me feel, in hopes that it would happen more often.
Sunday we were bad and slept in and watched Charles Stanley on TV (that's a whole other blog, I love him) instead of going to church. Hubby played in a golf tournament and I met up with my mom at TJ Max/ Homegoods. Everyone knows I heart TJ/Maxx, Homegoods and Marshalls but this trip was extra special...are you ready?....J Crew found it's way to TJ Max and I got these cute things...

The picture doesn't do it justice...only it was 9.99

This super cute dress was 19.99, I think I'm going to dress it up and wear it on Easter Sunday!

I also got a few Easter items, I know I'm getting a little ahead but if you don't get it when you see it at Homegoods, it WILL be gone when you go back...for sure.

My mom always made the cutest stuff for Easter, including an Easter tree, so I got the pot and eggs to hang on the tree, I have a few more items to get and as time gets closer, I'll show you how my tree turns out. She also makes the cutest cupcakes ever and I will share!
Sunday night we went to our good friends L and A's house to watch the super bowl, I was disinterested in the game and found the kids were way more interesting until hubby told me he had won 125.00 in one of those block games and if the scored didn't change it would be 125.00 more and I was suddenly very interested. He ended up winning 125.00, which was pretty cool and very good for our trip in 2 days!!!!
Tonight should be a good Bachelor and I hope The Hills kicks it up a notch or else...who am I kidding I'll still watch it.


  1. Love Charles Stanley! My mom got saved in his church in ATL!

  2. good finds at TJ Maxx! I love your blog too...very cute design!

    ps...I am addicted to Diet Coke too and dont see how I will ever get off it...the headaches are horrible! couldn't imagine being addicted to something more serious!

  3. Oh! I love trips with my mom & sister to TJ/Homegoods!! So much fun. & That dress is Adorable!