Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A heavenly week...

It's safe to say we made it home intact and happy to tell you about it. My brother is currently living out in Tahoe, so Mr.Tea (as he is now called) and I, my friend S (from high school) and Mr. Tea's uncle stayed at my brother's house. This was the view from his front porch..

If you look hard enough, you can see Lake Tahoe.
The others stayed in the Village.
This trip was all about good friends, family and having a good time and I can safely say it was even better than I thought it would be.
In case you did not know, I'm not the best skier but ladies, I have to say, I impressed myself this year. I was the only skier other than my brother's girlfriend (well at least of the first day) everyone else thinks they are too good for skiing and opted to snowboard. And after my second trip down the slope I was good to go. My friend S, decided to take snowboarding lessons because it was her first time, everyone else decided to go out and explore but I stayed behind and skied a slope near her class, in case something happened. My brother has warned me that the ratio to girls/boys in this town is 1 to 10, so as I'm watching my friend S, this guy that works for Heavenly comes up to me and starts talking to me, no big deal, then I decided to go inside the lodge and get a Diet Coke, all they have is Diet Pepsi (disappointed) then I went to the cashier 4.75, good God! Folks, I'm in the wrong business (I'll get to that in a minute) Then boy comes inside to sit with me, okay. At this point I'm thinking to myself "I've still got it, oh yeah" then boy asks for my email address, in case he comes to Florida. What?? I said to boy I have a husband but my friend S is single, maybe I can introduce you to her. Boy says, "I've been watching her and I think she needs to try skiing, she's not doing so well" How rude! So I just walk away but he was right.
My girlfriend, who happens to be beautiful and funny all rolled into one, is on a lunch break and and informs me that her instructor is very good looking and she is so nervous around him, it's affecting her snowboarding. I'm laughing so hard at this point, feeling like I'm in high school again, boy asks girl for number at lunch, friend has a crush on teacher...all to funny.
Friend decides she isn't going back to class and here's me teaching her how to ski ( by this point, there are 4 skiers now)

It was so cold!!

It was a blast! We skied 3 of the 5 days, I'm was so sore by the 3rd day, there was no way I was going to make it down the mountain another day. There is a lot that the sport of skiing can learn from the game of golf, first, there needs to be a "beer/diet coke guy", someone who sells drinks, hand warmers, etc., on the slopes. Getting from the slope to lodge is a hard push and lugging all that equipment around is hard, which brings me to the other point at which the sport can learn from Golf, a caddy, skiers need a caddy, someone to carry all your stuff and when you fall, will help you up and when you drop your pole from the lift can provide you with another (yes, I did that).

Mr. and Mrs. Tea

Needless to say, I'm happy to be home! When the pilot said it was 70 degrees when we were landing, it brought a big smile to my face.
I missed all of you so much, I have alot of messages to go though, I've very excited!
Hope you had a good week.


  1. Looks like you had a great time! The whole time I was living in SF I never made it to Tahoe....