Friday, February 27, 2009

Strawberry fields.

My very good friend L is due with her second baby in May and wanted to take a little get-a-way with her hubby before the new baby comes, which meant I got to hang out with the soon- to- be big sister for the day. Being the mommy that I'm not, I had the day planned from start to finish with all kinds of fun stuff. I learned the last time she isn't quiet ready for crafts so we skipped that this time. First, we did a little shopping (Old Navy has all there new dresses out, as of today) I got a few things and so did she. All dresses of course. Then we went to lunch, chick-fil-a of course, complete with a play ground.
But the best part of the day was picking strawberries. There is a produce wait, that doesn't do it justice. There is the, mother of all fruit/vegatable/ meat market in Delray Beach called "The Boys", I heart this place. It is insane. Everything is so fresh and good. On every row there is someone cutting the fruit so you can try it before you buy it, so fresh. But the down fall, I'm usually the youngest person in there by like 30 years and it's always packed (except on the Jewish holidays), they even have a police officer at the door. But anyways getting back to my story...they have a u-pickem called "The girls".

Rows and rows of strawberries.

I just love her.

If you only knew how hard it was to get this picture between the 80 year old taking the picture and the 1 year old not looking at the camera, but do you see the strawberry car?

We had a great time picking the strawberries, she loves them as much as me. But I learned a big lesson today, as one day I hope to have a little one (or two) of my own...bring a stroller everywhere! Carrying a 1 1/2 year old was Heavy. They also had birds, turtles, donkeys, swans there. After that we then headed to the park for a little more fun time, then I dropped her off at her grandparents and put her down for a nap. My friend L, text me and said her father had to wake her up at 6 pm from her nap, she hadn't slept like that in "months" and wanted to know my secret but I just got the message I was napping!

Mr. Tea and I went out for "Happy Hour" with a friend and her new friend, we had fun. I have to work all weekend...not fun.
Hope everyone has a fun filled weekend, gotta run Friday Night Lights is coming on.


  1. I understand how you feel. When you're not used to having a little one around all day it is exhausting! (But lots of fun!!!)

  2. SUCH a fun day! I bet she loved it!

  3. Oooo - also wanted to tell you I'm jealous. We won't have pickable strawberries till the last of May or early June! Makes my mouth water just looking at your pics. Just for that, I'm tagging you in a little game of photo tag! I eagerly await your post!

  4. I love this place too! YUMMY strawberries!!! I love your blog and just gave you the Kreativ Blogger award. Come over to my blog to pick up your award! Smiles, Suzanne