Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Wednesday is my Friday...

At least this week...I'm off to Lake Tahoe! We're super excited! This is my first vacation as a blogger and I'm a little concerned how I will do without you all for a whole week. I already decided I'm not bringing my computer. Know that you will be missed. Pray I don't break a leg!!


  1. Have a wonderful time, enjoy the snow!!

  2. I have given you a blog Award, come on over to the swing, and play along!


    Hurry up and get back we miss you!
    The Bumpkin

  3. Sounds like fun! by the way, thank you for your comment! Funny enough, a Boden catalog just came in the mail! :) what a coincidence! & i agree, they do have cute things!

  4. oh, I hope that you are having a wonderful trip! When you get back, stop by my blog you've been tagged!