Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sewing 101

I am very excited to tell you about my big news...I finally after a year and a half of trying to get into a sewing class at the Palm Beach adult learning Education Center,I got in. They only allow 12 students in each class and it fills quickly but I was on it this time or at least Mr. Tea was. I had to work Monday( The first day of sign ups, at 2pm) but when Mr. Tea got off work he went right over and got me signed up. I was so excited! They gave him a list of "things I will need", I can't wait to fulfill my list. Sewing is a talent that I always wished I had and now I'm going to get the opportunity to learn how.
I called Granny right up and told her, she was so excited for me. She said she was calling the Singer store owner in town when we got off the phone, to have a machine picked out for me. And told me not to buy the things on the needs list, we would do that while I'm in Mississippi next week. She is an amazing sewer (is that what you are, when you can sew?) My grandparents owned a couple factories when I was growing up. She has two huge sewing machines in her craft room and can make anything... She made a lot of my clothes growing up and though the years has done things for a designer in New York and even made dog clothes (before they were, what they are now). Once I get my machine she's going to teach me a few things. This is the basis of my trip to learn tools of the trade from Granny. We're going to sew, make jelly, cook (southern style, fatback included) and sip sweet tea. She is my hero for more reasons than I can write about and I want to know everything I can, so one day when she is in heaven, I don't say I wish I would have learned this or that from Granny. I'm going to do it. She has been going though recipes and is putting them together for me in a cookbook, I can't wait to one day pass this along.

I maybe getting a head of myself but these are my first items to learn how to do...

Burp clothes...for the thousands of showers I've been going to.

Pillowcase dresses

Aprons for my friends...

My ultimate goal is get to an embroidery machine but that calls for working some step at a time.

So wish me luck with my adventure, if you have any suggestions to get me started let me know.

“Crafts make us feel rooted,
give us a sense of belonging and connect us with our history.
Our ancestors used to create these crafts out of necessity,
and now we do them for fun,
to make money and to express ourselves.”
~ Phyllis George


  1. How exciting! I've been learning to sew the past few months and it's so fun! I also think it's so wonderful that your Granny can help you...yall are going to have so much fun together!

  2. I love to sew so much! My mom taught me everything. I went to summer camps for sewing in elementary school. Ah how much I loved it. My mom and I recently sewed Lilly Pulitzer flags for my dorm room. Check it out:

    Happy Sewing! Best of luck! :)

  3. Enjoy your granny! I was lucky enough to know both of my grandmothers well into my adulthood and never knew how special that was until I met my husband who never knew a grandmother. How sad! He says he always feels a little pang of jealousy when he hears my cousins and I discuss them with such fondness even though both have been gone over 30 years now.

    I made up a family cookbook last year and included pics of the other generations and funny stories and quotes about them. I distibuted 25 copies throughout the family and they have quickly become a treasured heirloom in our homes.

  4. Enjoy the journey! Learning to sew and then seeing what you can create is soooo much fun!

  5. I am excitted for you to learn! Can't wait to see the great things you will make. XOXO BFF

  6. How fun! My grandmother and mom are great sewers and I really want to learn. I haven't been able to find a class yet though.

  7. Hello "neighbor". I say that because I am fron Louisiana. I found your page from the Semi-Slacker Mom. I too am excited about getting {back} into sewing. The Army installation we live on has a free class on Wednesdays. I'm sureprised that there are only two of us plus the teacher, but I am taking advantage of being able to ask her questions as I go along while I can.

  8. I have been wanting to learn how to sew. I never thought about looking for a local class! I need to go see my Nanny, she sounds a lot lot your Granny, she can make anything and everything, she is amazing!

  9. This is so great! I can't wait to hear about your progress :)