Monday, March 23, 2009

Mississippi Girl

Tomorrow morning I've picking my girlfriend from work up and we are head north to Gulf Shores, Ala., I'm droping her off and then I head on to the great state of Mississippi. I'm so excited! I love going to Mississippi. I have big plans with my Granny and I'm having a housewarming party for my Mississippi BFF. She has two kids that I just adore, she can never tell her kids that I'm coming because she says for weeks they ask, "Is today when Erica comes?", so tonight she texted me and told me that Alanna Grace prayed for me a safe trip, she's 4. Blaine her son, (who is now 12) had to fill out questions on the first day of school, like who his best friend is and he said ME. He knows how to get to me. Every time I have to leave Mississippi to come home, we both just cry. I dread the day he's too cool for that.
Granny and I are going shopping in Memphis and Oxford. And of course sewing, cooking, canning and anything we can get into.

And some people seem to think that I've changed
That I'm different than I was back then
But in my soul I know that I'm the same way
That I really always been

Cause a Mississippi girl don't change her ways
Just cause everybody knows her name
Ain't big-headed from a little bit of fame
I still like wearing my old ball cap
Ride my kids around piggy back
They might know me all around the world
But y'all I'm still a Mississippi girl
Faith Hill


  1. Aww, I live in the Memphis area! Have a fun and safe trip!!

  2. We drove through Mississippi on the way back from Cali (heading to TN). It was wonderful getting to drive through all the places I remember from being a kid and seeing my family! I was so glad to be back in the south after my stint on the west coast that I almost cried!

  3. I love that song! I checked out in Target behind Faith once--she was buying clothes for her daughters!!! I put your swap package in the mail yesterday, but sent it parcel post so it may take a week or so to get to you--enjoy!

  4. I have TWO Mississippi girls! Both born in the same the same ROOM in Amory, Mississippi. Love me my Mississippi girls....