Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sip and See

If Abby had anything to do with being born 3 months early, it must simply be that she didn't want to miss a party, especially this party in her honor.
After Abby was born, we decided to wait and have the shower in Tampa (where I went to middle/high school and where some of my VERY good friends live) after she came home and was doing well, we would make the trip.
So we finally did.
And it was great.
Being the guest of honor is always a special feeling but having Abby there after everything she had been though to celebrate with many of those that continued to pray for us, was amazing.
The party was hosted by a very dear friend.

This was the invitation sent out, it sets the theme...
(It was Abby's Sip and See, not Taylor's 3rd birthday)

The entrance
The food table, mexican my favorite,

The cake, it was so good, my two favorites, chessecake and red velvet. I didn't realize it at first but it's a beach towel.
And the beachball cookies
The favors, so cute and so sweet of her.
These are many of my very good friends, there were six babies born since Abby, it was so nice to see everyone and met their babies too!

And of course getting to met my girlfriend triplets, together these babies weighed 9 lbs at birth. Crazy huh?!? Together we have had each other to turn to though the NICU stays, development delays and everyday ups and downs, although I don't know how she does it with THREE!
Abby looks so long next to these little ones...

We had such a great time with everyone and it was so cute, I loved every bit of it!

"A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart, and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words."
- Sent by Donna Roberts


  1. I'm from Tampa too! I went to Wilson MS and Plant! Abby is way too stinkin cute! Love her onesie!

  2. Such sweet friends you have! That cake looks divine!

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