Sunday, August 8, 2010

Down home

The car was piled high with toys, diapers, formula, a play yard, a bath chair, a high chair, her clothes, her shoes, her things and then there was two small bags for us, you know the mom and dad. The gas tank was full and we were on our way to Mississippi! This was going to be Abby's first of many trips to Mississippi and we couldn't be more excited! We knew we had a long road ahead of us but we would make the best of it, stop often, spend the night, do whatever it took.
As we crossed into the Great State of Mississippi, I had aspirations of stopping and getting Abby's picture at the state line but she was sound asleep and who was waking this baby for the last hour of our drive...not I! She was great, it wasn't bad at all. We had a week of visiting and showing off our lil pumpkin. Granny just ate her up and we just ate up Granny's food. Yum...I aspire to be as good as she is. And after a week I gained every bit of weight that I had taken off but it was so worth it, one of these days I'm going to miss that and I don't want any regrets... We spent a day in Germantown, Tenn., with family and had such a great lunch. It was so nice, my cousins have two girls also, so it was sweet to see all of them together. I just love this picture, I would like to think that Abby is going after Ella Kate's bow. This picture look forever to get and this was as good as it got.
One of my favorite memories of growing up of my summer's in Mississippi was going to church, after church having a big lunch and playing outside all day until Sunday night service, though the day my grandparent's friends, neighbors and family would stop by. I still love those days, after church, we had a great lunch and sat outside while the kids played and enjoyed a hot Mississippi summer day. After pumpkin's nap she joined us, notice my new Ole Miss tumbler in the background that Granny got me filled with sweet tea, I wasn't kidding, one of my favorite days! And she got lots of love from another cousin. Sweet Carlie.

And it wouldn't be a trip without our pumpkin and a water melon from Granny's garden and a picture of our little family.
Are flights are booked and we're going again in less than a month...

"Down home where they know you by name and treat you like family
Down home a man's good word and a handshake are all you need
Folks know if they're fallin on hard times they can fall back on
Those of us raised up down home"