Friday, August 7, 2009

Stolling right along...

I know it's been awhile and I have to say that I really do miss it! I still read and keep up with everyone but I have had so much running though my head, couldn't pick just one topic to blog about... so I did none...lame huh! But I need some advice.
I went with my mom to the mega baby store Baby Love in Ft. Lauderdale, I was told they were the baby experts and had great advice. I went into the store thinking that I would just get a carrier/infant carseat, use a snap -n -go for the first couple months then go to an umbrella stroller such as this Maclaran.

Boy was I wrong, the salesman convinced me otherwise. The Maclaren's all have two handles, making it hard to maneuver, no place for my drink or a baby's drink and little storage. I was totally againest a travel system but now I'm in travel system love. You think you know what you would do, until you have to do it.

So this is the bad boy I chose...

I didn't get it yet, I needed to make sure that I was making the right decision, so I have spend the morning going over reviews and found it to be very well liked.
So this where you come in, does anyone have any experience with Chicco? Or any suggestions regarding strollers?

"Having a child is the most beautifully irrational act that two people in love can commit" - Bill Cosby


  1. First...I have a Football sign ready if you want to email me at, I'll send the pic of it over to you.

    Second...I have a stroller fetish so I really enjoyed this post :) Over the course of 2 kids, I actually purchased 6 strollers. Silly, yes. I do have a Maclaren Techno XT still hanging in the garage that I loved. It's so great for traveling and so compact and easy to toss in the car. I wish I could give you advice on a travel sysytem...I never had one of those so I'm no use. I went for the completely NOT-practical at all (but beautiful) Bugaboo. Definitely a case of form over function there!

  2. I am looking for one for my sister. Do you mind sharing what kind this is?

  3. I decided to go with a travel system. I have a Peg Perego. When DD was a newborn, the travel system was awesome b/c I could just unsnap her seat out of the car and into the stroller without disturbing her. You don't want to wake those newborns! :) I'd say by the time she was about 4 months old, I started putting her in the stroller without the car seat. I like that the stroller has a tray especially now that she's about to turn 1 year old. I can put her bottle in the holder and snacks on the tray and that will keep her happy if I'm taking my time shopping, etc. Plus, the Peg Perego that I have is lightweight. I'd say whatever stroller you choose, make sure #1 that it's lightweight and #2 that it folds in such a way that it's easy for you to manuever and fit into the back of your car easily. Make sure that you can do it yourself while handling the baby in the car seat because eventually you'll be stuck in the parking lot at Target - just you and baby and one of those Summer rainstorms will come out of no where and you have to hurry! Trust! LOL

  4. we went with the bugaboo frog and a bugaboo bee for travel. i loved not having to carry the carseat around and my daughter never felt the bumpiness of the cobblestone streets

  5. Hi, I'm new here. I am pregnant with my first baby and had the same feelings about strollers. Then, I tried the Chicco Cantina Travel System and loved it at the store. It was the best. I don't have the baby yet (I'm 27w2d) but I think it'll be great.

  6. you will love the travel system. i wasn't sure about it at first either, but it is heaven! (just had my second boy monday)

    as much as it will pain me to buy things with old miss on it, i am looking forward to our swap. :)

    -mrs b

  7. I have the Chicco Cortina travel system. It's worked. Downside is the anti-inflammatory that they use on the car seat caused a gnarley rash so we had to always use a blanket, and the sunshade on the stroller doesn't do much but I got another sunshade to hook up over it and the problem was solved. : )

  8. I have that Chicco travel system and absolutely love it! Now my daugter is almost two (see preparations for the birthday in my blog:)) and I am looking for the Maclaren Quest right now because I want something lighter/smaller. But for a newborn the Chicco Cortina is hard to beat. It reclines completely forming a little crib for your little one where you can change her diaper and get long naps while you go shopping. You are going to love it!