Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A girl after my own heart...

So we found out about 2 weeks ago that we were having a little girl! I can't be any happier, for many reasons, but mainly because this whole time I was thinking it was a girl and to find out it was makes me think that I really do have motherly instincts. My first conformation that I might be okay at my new job. But the most important is that she looks VERY healthly.
So that brings on so many decisions...
As far as I can remember I've thought about the day I would find out I was pregnant and the day that I became a mom and all the details in the middle, like names and the nursery. I can't describe how much I love this little girl already! And I know this is just the beginning.
But in the last week I've really started thinking about the nursery. I thought I knew what I wanted which was this...

But then I thought about it and what if this is my only girl, would I regret not sharing with her my love for Pink and Green. I knew I didn't want to do anything in pastels but looked on every website for bright pink and was left wondering what I was going to do...until Saturday, when my girlfriend and I went into the Snappy Turtle's Harvey's Store in Delray Beach and I saw this bib and loved the pattern...

After a couple of attempts to find the artist that had made the bib...I had success. She proceeds to tell me that it is a Lily pattern, I think to myself, of course it is, I would pick it out of a haystack. She has found the fabric and is working with someone to make me a bumper and bed skirt. I just love it! It is exactly what I was looking for, so I really hope that it all works out and as soon as I get permission to put her website on my blog to share I will because she has some really cute stuff. I can't wait to share with you my newest project.

(By the way, does anyone know the name of this pattern?)

A new baby is like the beginning of all things-wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities. Eda J. Le Shan


  1. ah, it is so cute. being the mom of 2 boys, i only get a little green and absolutely no pink. if the next kiddo is a girl, god bless her, she will be head to toe in hot pink. poor thing.

    mrs. b

  2. I LOVE IT! I myself am also a pink and green fanatic! I really hope you can post pictures!

    ~Melissa Powell
    Forever Photographers

  3. It's very cute. I found the best stuff at Polka Tot Designs. They are doing our nursery bedding.

  4. Congratulations! I, too, "knew" it was a girl and you will be so surprised by your mommy instincts. It's weird how about day 3 the instinct totally kicks in. So exciting!!!! I love the fabric.