Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Batteries not included.

Before we left the hospital I worked with the physical therapist on some exercises I can do with Abby when we got home, other than just tummy time until she starts physical therapy to help improve her neck muscles etc. For weeks I've been sitting her in the bumbo for a few minutes at a time and helping her to control her neck muscles and finally on Sunday she sat there for about 3o minutes, I was so proud. And now when I'm in the kitchen I prop her up in the chair and when we eat dinner she's on the table with us. I'm loving it! And another great doesn't run on batteries. I never thought of batteries as a great baby shower gift but we have gone though so many batteries.

"A baby is born with a need to be loved -- and never outgrows it."
Frank A. Clark


  1. My sister and I ALWAYS got packages of batteries in our stockings on Christmas!

  2. The second picture...can we please discuss how absolutely scrumptious she is?!?!?! I could just eat her up :) Adoreable!

  3. She is too precious in that bumbo seat!! My nephew at that age was almost too chubby to fit in one...haha!


  4. Such a pretty little girl! First time your visiting your blog and I can't get enough of the pictures of her! You're on lucky mama. Keep the pics coming because I'll be back often!