Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A little peak...

As I've told before I hadn't finished Abby's room prior to her being born and though I was "nesting" though our 10 week stay in the NICU, I never seem to beable to get my thoughts together enough to put it into action and so now slowly but surely (by the time I finish, we'll be ready to move on) I'm getting it together. Here's a little sneaky peak at what I've been working on.

I've been looking for a mobile for awhile, I wanted something bright and cheerful with birds, to go with my "early bird" theme.
I saw this mobile at a thrift shop (Goodwill) for 2.99

And I saw these cute birdie Christmas ornaments on Esty

And together this was my end product.

And she will have outgrown it by Christmas next year and we have some cute ornaments for her tree!
Not too bad for less then $30.oo.

I don't have a before and after picture for my next project but you will get the idea, I have a real love for ribbon and saw a basket at one of my favorite stores in Delray, but it was $120, I loved it but couldn't see spending that kind of money on a basket for toys. But I kept thinking about it and while I was Homegoods I saw the perfect basket for $19.99 and cut up some ribbon I already had at home and this is what I got.

And my Granny made these cute curtains for her room.

This picture doesn't do them justice when I do a picture of the whole room, I'll get a better shot but they are sheer white with ribbon bows at the top, I love them but love them even more that my grandmother made them for her.

Always kiss your children goodnight - even if they're already asleep.
H. Jackson Brown, Jr.


  1. I love the basket with ribbons! I just inherited two white wicker baskets from my MIL and I've been trying to decide what to do with them. Might have to borrow your idea if you don't mind!

  2. Oooh, I love the mobile! It looks great!

  3. Girl I am impressed that mobile looks awesome!! No wonder Abby doesn't mind sleeping in her crib!!

  4. what a fun & creative mobile...so cute!

  5. WOW! Everything is SO cute and creative! I like it because it is so different from anything I have seen!

  6. Clever and fun for your sweet angel to view!!

  7. Hey Erica, great job on the mobile. Abby is just adorable and everything you have done for her nursery looks amazing. I just started blogging again so I will look forward to seeing more pics of that little cutie! Oh, got those boots from Old Navy they are adorable and a most have!!

  8. LOVE the mobile!!! So creative! Your abby is getting so big and she is a doll! Love all of her monogrammed clothing and bows. Just so you know, I have not forgotten about making her bib. It is on my to do list! It will get to her in plenty of time before she starts eating or drooling. HA!