Sunday, December 27, 2009

Welcome home Abby

Last Monday I spend all day running around to get medications for Abby that you can't get at the CVS or Walgreens around the corner, met the medical supply nurse at the house to get everything we needed for Abby to come home, which included oxygen, a nedulizer and a monitor. Got all the meds, went over them with her nurse and left the NICU at 11:45 pm and just cried and prayed that this was the last time that I was leaving without her. And the next day at 4 pm, everything that we have been though seemed so far away as we got to take our little girl home.
There are so many levels of emotion that I have felt though this journey, some days I just couldn't get words out though the tears, other days I laughed about it and some days I was scared of what our future held. There were times when I asked myself "why" but then I thought "why not", we are never really sure why things happen the way they do but this is our journey, this is her story. In the beginning hearing stories of other (micro) preemies brought me comfort and I hope that we can bring comfort to others though our experiences.

I think it was Thursday afternoon that Oprah was on the TV and I wasn't really watching but Tim Mcgraw was on and I really like him and Faith, so I was listening to him sing and I heard Oprah ask him what was the best Christmas present he ever got and his response was that his second little girl was born 2 months early and came home from the hospital a few days before Christmas and he said it didn't get much better than that and I'm here to tell you IT DOESN'T!!!!

Hope you all had a VERY Merry Christmas, I got a few really nice things but nothing is better than having Abby home.

This picture was taken in the NICU before we knew if she would be home for Christmas or not and a girlfriend talked me into doing a Christmas card either way, so this was the picture that we used. She was off the oxygen here but had to go home with oxygen (another post).

And this is Christmas Eve, when our family came to met Abby for the first time, no one was able to come into the NICU other than Brad and I and my mom, so it was nice to share her with our family but we have to be very germs, so contact was limited.

Her first Christmas, everyone brought her a first Christmas ornament for her tree, notice there is still nothing on the walls, I do have almost everything and that's on my list to get done very soon and I will share with you.

"Never let go of hope. One day you will see that it has finally come together. What you have always wished for, has finally come to be. You will look back and laugh at what has passed and you will ask yourself... how did I get though all that."


  1. Congratulations! I am so happy for ya'll and will continue praying that God will heal her body and make her strong!

  2. I love Abby! and was so over whelmed with joy for you and your entire family to be able to share in this Christmas miracle!!XOXO

  3. That's wonderful she is home now!! Love all her outfits too!!

  4. What a wonderful Christmas present! I am so happy for you!!


  5. That hair bow is seriously insane.. I adore it!
    Congrats on getting to bring your precious baby girl home!! :)

  6. Congrats that is such an amazing Christmas present!

  7. What a wonderful Christmas present!! Reading your post brought me back 8 years to when I was driving my little one home from the hospital on Christmas Eve day. The hospital we were at was 5 hours from home and I can remember stopping multiple times to check on Eric because I couldn't beleive that he was actually in the car with me and that we were going home.

    Enjoy your Christmas gift!!

  8. What a special and precious Christmas miracle! I pray for your little Abby and your family. What an angel!

  9. Welcome Home Abby, you are precious. Mom, I know that you could not have hoped for a better present.

  10. Isn't she just beautiful!!!! Happy Christmas to you all. I know this is one you will never forget. So very glad Abby was at home with you to celebrate her very first Christmas :)