Monday, November 23, 2009

The Early Bird

These days I spend a lot of time staring at this little girl...

and dreaming.

At night I go in her room and stare at the empty bed and envision what it's going to be like when my little girl is lying there so peaceful, the afternoons when she'll be in there laughing and playing instead of napping and all the morning/night time kisses that will take place there.

I rock in rocker and dream about the moments that we'll share here, bedtime stories, prayers and sleepless nights.

I can't wait, but I am.

When I first got home from the hospital I thought that her room would be hard for me to go into, a reminder that she's not home with us, but instead it has become a place that I find peace and hope. I look in her closet and pick out her first Church dress, her Valentine's Day outfit, etc. Her stroller reminds me of the many walks that we'll take together.

When I first started planning the nursery and after I found out I was having a girl, I thought I would do something a little different, like a yellow and green color scheme but later changing my mind, thinking that this could be my only girl and I might not ever get the chance to have pink everything my colors became light pink, bright pink and of course green. And I'm glad I did, now knowing that we won't be able to have anymore.

Here is the bedding
(my BFF got this for me and I'm so grateful, I love it)

And anyone that knows me IRL knows that wall decorations are almost impossible for me to decide on, so of course, this is the last thing I have to do in Abby's room. And I need help, what do you think?

And this...
The designer can change the colors to fit my scheme, I love the verse, I think it's a good reminder that he's the creator , he had her birthday planned before she was even conceived.
And the second print, will have our names on it. I'm thinking that I will put these over the changing table and I was thinking I would put this over the crib

I'm going to see if the designer can change the Big letter to something not so curly.
Do you see my bird theme.
My early bird.

" Life is always a rich and steady time when your waiting for something to happen or hatch"
-E.B. White (Charlotte's web)

Edit** Just realized that the links aren't working, if your interested the name of the esty store of the first 2 prints is emrick123
and the decal is also from esty the store name is decal monograms


  1. This post is wonderful. Your are an amazing person and I am praying that your little baby girl gets to come home soon!
    I love the monogram for over the crib.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. I'm so glad you have peace and hope! The nursery gear is beautiful and I really like the wall print with the verse on it!

  3. So happy to see you sound so peaceful! I love, love, love the early bird theme and I think it will look awesome in her room. The picture of the bedding just does not do it the justice it deserves. Wishing I could be there everyday just to lay on the floor of Abby's room with you and dream about the future!! With so much to be thankful for this thanksgiving!!

  4. Praying that the sweet little one will be home with you soon.

  5. Cute, cute, cute! Do you have any idea when your sweet little one might be able to come home? Or does it just depend?

  6. Back to your blog for the first time in a long time. You must be on such a roller coaster right now. Please know that you and your baby girl and your family are in my prayers. She is such a beautiful baby girl and is going to love her pink room! Your insight is an inspiration to us all.

  7. Hello, the bear is Stephan Baby. Not sure where it came from, it was a gift while in the hospital, maybe the hospital gift shop?! Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. So, I'm just catching up on your blog! What a precious early bird! I love little birds like that--I got kinda obsessed with them this year. Anyway, Abby and your family are in my prayers!

  9. Your little princess is going to have such a lovely place to rest her head!

  10. Loved, loved your comment you left me. I am so glad you stopped by so I could find YOU! Your daughter is beautiful and absolutely precious!! Praising God for her beautiful life! :)

    Now following you! :)